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Atv Trails

I first came to this "Campo" on the Rio Hardy in 1977.  From the beginning I was captivated by the beauty and serenity.  There was, and still is,  a feeling of being a million miles away from "civilization".  What started for me as a basic camping experience, with just a patio and palapa, has evolved over the years into a beautiful adobe brick home with all of the comforts.    After 36 years as a member,  I was given the opportunity to purchase the concession for the entire campo.   I have renamed it "RANCHO MIL" (Mil is Spanish for Thousand), and begun a revitalization with an emphasis on the natural bounty of the Colorado River Delta. 

Our master plan includes a very limited number of vacation home opportunities, with only a few remaining for sale.  We also offer a guest house, a restoration area and a campground for educational groups.   

Fronting on the calm waters of The Rio Hardy,  Rancho Mil offers an opportunity to experience The Colorado River Delta in a quiet, peaceful setting. 




Rancho Mil